Rediscovering A Passion

rediscoveringGrowing up, I was  a classically trained dancer. I stopped dancing when I decided that career wise it had very little up side – given the short career lifespan. But I’ve always continued to dance, just in my home, oron the dance floor.  A few weekends ago a girlfriend invited me to an ecstatic dance workshop.  I had never been, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Well, I really didn’t like the slow, can’t really dance tempo – soI started doing ballet warmups.  It felt sooooooo nice.  And this weekend, I put in the New York City Ballet’s workout – which is a basic dance warmup.  And that too felt sooooooo nice.  And so right.  My body just flowed and afterwards I felt amazingly good.  
I think it’s great to somehow let go of a passion, but rediscover it again.  At just the right time. 
 Anyone else had that happen?

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