One Of The Perks Of Being An Artist:

one of the perksOne of the funny things about being an artist is that it seems at times to be extremes of two worlds – one social and one very solitary.  When creating in our studios, are is very solitary. But when we have an art show, or are meeting with clients it is then also very social. I find that the social aspect brings an unexpected twist to almost any outing I have.  Which is a great perk of being an artist.

For example, I was out on a date with my man this past week, and we ran into two wonderful clients of mine.  One of the great things about my clients and fans of my art are really wonderful, supportive, warm and loving people.  I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because in order to “get” my art, we have to think a like. So running into two of my favorite clients was a great and added surprise to my evening out.

Then a few days later, my family and I were checking out a new spot during the weekend.  And I ran into a fellow artist who has been in two galleries with me. His name is Dano and he is incredibly talented. And as is the case with most people I bond with over art, he and his manager Bill are “good people.”  I was able to introduce the family to Dano and Bill. (  As well as catch up and exchange some great art talk. When we left, our son had a new personally autographed singed print of a surf painting Dano did. It was a great addition to our day out.

These are some of the things that add to the warmth and depth of the fabric of my life, because I’m an artist.  And I feel very blessed to know and connect with so many people around my area, and the world.  All because of my art.

What about you? What are you blessed to have in your life because of your work or your passion?

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