Sensual Bedroom Art, Female Figure Painting, Hot – STOLEN

I unveiled this painting at a gallery show and heard a lot of women talking about her stomach. The women felt that the painting showed even a not “flat” stomach was beautiful. I didn’t mean to accentuate the stomach. But it is interesting that we as women sometimes obsess about that super flat, airbrushed stomach we see in magazines. I’m guilty of it too! So was glad to hear that I could show a slightly curvy view of a beautiful woman and it be so accepted.


Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Title: Hot

30″ H x 15″ W

** This painting was Stolen. Last Seen At Bunny’s Secret in San Clemente, CA. If you have seen it since that shop closed, please contact me. I would really love to have my painting returned to me. Thank you! **

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