Good News!

After searching everywhere I normally search for positive, fun good news – I’ve been getting a little – OK make that A LOT – upset at the lack of good, happy, positive uplifting news given out by any major news carrier.  Especially since I know good news is out there.  Just seems most news organizations would rather scare the crap out of us than report anything good. 

Everywhere I turn people keep saying the same thing – good things are happening, but no one is reporting.  Like the fact that according to a real estate friend of mine in Laguna, more people are purchasing homes than before in our area, but no one is really reporting it. Well, I’m no large broadcast organization, but I figured I could make a tiny step in the right direction by sharing some good news I know of.  And then, if anyone is so inclined, perhaps they could add their good news in the comments section?
I realize this post has nothing to do with art, but it does have to do with the passion for life which more easily happens when we are happy.  So here’s my good news:
Two weeks ago a friend text me to say he was getting an organ transplant.  This being the 5th or so time I had been text the same news I held my breathe as I always did.  But this time – the transplant happened.  AND he is doing well.  Which means come his birthday in a few weeks, he should be able to go out and celebrate without constraint.  Very cool.  And very deserved.  Now he can do his type of creating with a health body fully supporting that process.
Which got me thinking of another medical miracle I celebrated a few months ago when my girlfriend’s husband recovered completely from something he had  initially been told there was no cure for.  But again, due to a type of transplant, he is not only doing well, but inspiring others to keep going and find a similar success!  And on his 100 day mark, a group of us met to celebrate this amazing recovery and achievement.  I was so honored to be able to celebrate that with him and to see the impact his recovery was having on others.  It was truly inspiring.
So Good/Great news is out there.  Except maybe it’s not so much out there – as here – within our social worlds and all around us. We just have to pause a minute and maybe pass a little bit of it on to others.  Anyone care to share some good news of their own?

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