A Creation Myth:

acreation mythMany creation myths and stories have been told over time.  The most common/ well known in the Western World, is the story of Adam & Eve.  This story tends to bother me because it blames Eve for everything.  And through time, some who have believed in this story, have literally blamed women for so much and have also propagated the belief that life is pain, because this story made it so. 
I would like to offer another story – one that holds no pain, and no blame of women. Once best told by Fiona Horne in her book:Bewitch a Man: Simple Ways to Add a Little Magic to Your Love Life
“Yhi is my favorite goddess from Australian Aboriginal mythology. She is the goddess of light and creation, a sun deity who lived in the dream time.  When she opened her eyes, light fell on Earth. She then walked the earth, and green things grew where her steps fell.  Soon the whole world was covered with plants, fruits, trees and flowers.  She next decided that, in addition to plants, she wanted to make something that could dance and move.  Insects of all kinds were created. The she explored ice caves in a mountain. She shone her light inside and fish and lizards came out, along with countless kinds of birds, mammals, and amphibians.  But ultimately Yhi returned to her own world, and when she left, darkness came back and covered Earth.  But the next day Yhi opened her eyes again from her home in the sky, and her light returned for all to enjoy.
Many millennia later, Yhi saw something strange. It was a man, alone, and she realized he was not anything she had created, and she was intrigued.  While the man slept that night, Yhi focused all here power on a flower so that it became more magnificent than anything any god had ever created. When Man awoke, he, joined by all the other animals of Yhi’s creation, gazed in awe at the beautiful flower.  The flower then blossomed and turned into Woman.  She looked at Man and found him interesting.  Man ran around doing many things to try to impress her and wanted nothing more than to make Woman happy.  She was amused and thrilled – in fact, all creation was laughing and enjoying their coupling, declaring man and woman good for each other.

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