Studio Time

studio timeThere are days when I need to paint (deadline, upcoming show etc.) and yet I’m not in the mood.  Sometimes this is just because I’m focused on the other left-side portion of my business and so I’m just not feeling creative.  But at other times it’s because life has thrown me a curve ball, and I’m feeling something other than joy, love, peace and happiness. 
The funny thing is – if I can buckle myself down, and just allow myself to paint.  Even if I just paint something that doesn’t / wont ever see the light of day (show or public wise) everything will fade away.  All the pain, angst, hurt, worry – whatever it is – will fade away.
And all that is left is me, in my studio, in the present.  Brush stroke by brush stroke easing away the angst and just allowing myself to be in the here and now. 
Being as some would call it – in the flow.
And it’s at these points that I’m reminded just how lucky we artists are to have a passion that puts us in the flow.  And strictly in the present. So that all the past can effortlessly melt away.
What do you think? What other passions are out there, that help you become more in flow, more in the present?

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