Painting Away The Angst

Started painting today, as I normally do – with some warm up paintings. (These end up becoming 5 x 7 originals that I create cards out of.) Not every painting makes the cut – the idea is to warm up, maybe try some new color schemes and get focused on the task of creating. Some might call this “getting in the flow.” I think of it as shifting my brain from thinking-left-brained mode, to creative-right-brained mode.
Well, today I was just all over the place. I wasn’t in a good mood, and it was translating into my work. So I definitely needed to paint that out – in order to be able to paint with intention and intended emotion, instead of with the all over the place emotion I was feeling (which would have resulted in ruined paintings).
So I began to paint hearts – all drippy. Normally I wipe the drips off, but in the beginning today, I did not.painting 1

As my time in the studio progressed, I was still not feeling like if I put paintbrush to canvas I would do a good job, so I continued to paint hearts. I finally started to feel in the flow. And in the end this is what progressed.painting 2

Although a few still managed to keep some of their original drippy nature. But hopefully with slightly more hopeful overtones. painting 3

Of course, now it is time for bed.  Guess the portraits will have to wait until tomorrow. But at least my brain has stopped fighting the process and work should progress much easier.

Anyone else have a way of shifting their brain and getting into flow or state?

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