Lovers & Haters

Had an art show tonight at Gallery 104. I love interacting with everyone and getting to know their stories. And of course I enjoy seeing people’s reaction to my art. It’s very enlightening and can be quite fun – especially when people find something they feel is unexpected, and tell their friends.

I honestly don’tcare if someone doesn’t like my art. That’s fine, my art doesn’t have to be for everyone. But I do care when someone is bitingly and intentionally horrid about it. Which happened tonight.

Iknow that generally when I have these types of hyper critical encounters, it’s with someone who inside is an extremely frustrated artist. But understanding does not make it less of a sting. Luckily tonight, after that encounter 5 people came up to me and said they likedor loved exactly what the other person had criticized.
Iknow as an artist, I shouldn’t “care” what people think. I paint for myself, and I hope people enjoy what I bring into my work. However, let’s be honest – art is incredibly personal. Every painting I do showssomething of me in it. At the very least the emotion I was feeling at the time. And often my thoughts or feelings about life, love and the world at large. So when someone so expertly attacks my work, it hurts. And having people give another, more positive opinion, does help ease the sting.

For everyone who came to the show tonight, I appreciate you. And for everyone who is supportive of any artist – know your support is at times more welcomed than you may realize.

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