Lack of Intention

lack of intention

Likemost things in life, painting is better when done with intention. Take this painting I just started. I wasn’t feeling it. Partly because while Ido love men, this is the first full male booty painting I’ve done and I’m feeling a little unsure of the whole booty thing. But mostly I thinkbecause I allowed that nebulous feeling to invade my normal practice ofsetting an intention when painting anything.

The funny thing is I love a guy with a butt. It’s actually one of my requirements. Guy’s got to be able to fill out a good pair of jeans! Butunless I’m giving a massage or knocking boots, I don’t spend a lot of time getting familiar with that part of the male anatomy. And let’s faceit, sometimes not even then.
When I was in NewYork City, a gallery owner said that he tells all his artists to know WHY they are painting that particular picture. Because if you don’t knowwhy, your audience won’t either. He recommended sitting with the reference picture and really feeling the feeling of what it is we want to express – then begin to paint. This advice has been priceless for me,especially when I get lost, overwhelmed or a little out of my comfort zone.
So going to go back to my easel now, sit with this particular reference photo and remember why I picked it in thefirst place. Write down that feeling and intention on the back of the canvas bars (to remember later) and hopefully paint a beautiful, sexy piece that fits nicely with the male torso series I’ve been working on lately.
PS – I think I’ve got it now. Something that made me smile like the Cheshire Cat as I sat down at my easel….

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