In Line For An Art Show

Standing in line today to put in my submission for Laguna Beach’s annualArt That’s Small At City Hall show, I realized how far we’d come. A year ago, we were excited about being in this show. And it is a fun, amazing show – something to be excited about. But today, as my girlfriends and I stood in line, I realized this year we were a little blasé about the whole thing.
This is because we have all been in a lot of shows since last year. And we all have at least one showing a month – so it isn’t like WOW a SHOOOOOOOOOOW. Like we use to be.
This is good – it means we are getting that “exposure” artists are always looking for. But it’s a little sad to think we no longer have that shiny new car feeling every time we do ashow. It reminds me of an interview I saw with an actress on the West Wing who said that acting every day took the “preciousness” out of acting. At the time, I didn’t know what she meant. Now I do.
Thatsaid – Art That’s Small is a great show. I’m always amazed at the talent shown there, and how some artists can do so much on such a tiny amount of space. If you are in Laguna Beach anytime between now and April 29th I highly recommend stopping by Laguna Beach City Hall to see the show. For more info go to


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