90 Days of Love: 90 Paintings in 90 Days. My Kickstarter Project

90 daysToday I wanted to share with you something new, that I’m working on and that I hope you will be a part of. I have launched a project on Kickstarter call 90 Days of Love.  It is a project where I will paint 90 paintings in 90 days.  The cool thing about the project, is that I will be painting what people are asking me to create. The catch is, unless and until any Kickstarter project is completely funded, the project does not start.  So it is an all or nothing deal. And as will all things – there is a timelmit of only 30 days. 

Below is a video that gives an overview of this art project.


How you can help:  

1)  Go to the Kickstarter project page here and check out my project, the pledge amounts and the rewards 


2) If you can, and you feel compelled, please help by pledging.

3) Share this Kickstarter project link with your friends. And help spread the word. Because without your support – there will be no project! : )

4) Check back here for updates on how the project is going.

Thank you!

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